Do you have an “urgency addiction” to address?

Have you ever said, “Let me just glance at my email real quick before I ….” ?  You might have an “urgency addition.  This happens anytime your subconscious thinks, “Maybe there is something that just came in that I can respond to so that I can feel like I’ve accomplished something ….…instead of what I was supposed to be doing”

Remember this:  It’s completely unfair to the person who took time to send you email to just “dash-off” a quick response…REALLY

RULE: If you don’t have time to have manners (Dear Pat.. Thanks for your email, by the way, you did a nice job on that presentation last week, I appreciated the time you took to find that data ….) – then you don’t have time to check your email

TRY IT:  Try signing your emails NRN (No reply necessary, I just wanted you to be in the loop on this information) when you don’t want to get a response email.  Its a GIFT!


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