The Busy Professor Guidebook- Now On Sale!!!

It’s finally here, THE BUSY PROFESSOR’s book is now available for purchase on Amazon….check out: 


Busy Professor Book Cover Faculty are busy—busier than ever. No matter what your institutions’ size, focus, or location, there is simply more to be done every day than can be.  There are students to be taught, papers and reports to be written, and meeting and service commitments to attend to.  All of this while you are supposed to be innovatively creative and lead a balanced reflective and supportive personal life.

If you are going to get out of the whirlwind and be more productive at work while successfully maintaining a healthy home life, you need some tried and true time management strategies that actually work for successful professors.  With the right mindset and a tuned toolbox of time saving techniques, you can successfully manage your email, get more writing done, innovate in the classroom, be more responsive to students, be prepared and on time for meetings, and  enjoy the intellectual lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.


If you’d like to schedule The Busy Professor to come speak to your group, please contact us on the web at or via email at


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