Is it ok to drink beer while texting?

I have so many lessons to learn from my brothers and sisters in the Hawaiian islands, and many of them have to do with balancing what’s really important with time-management and productivity. To help drive this point home, the Kona Brewing Company has released a series of commercials highlighting the importance of priorities. I recommend setting your text message machine down for a few seconds and contemplating this ….

I’m thinking about this concept of “single-tasking” as compared to “multi-tasking” in the following way: If you are doing two things simultaneously, such as texting and drinking beer, or surfing the web and smoking a cigar, or kissing on your spouse while fumbling with the TV remote, does it naturally follow that you don’t value both? No, I don’t think so entirely. But, if you’re reading this while you are eating a sandwich, are you really noticing the subtle nuances of how wonderful that sandwich is? Or, are you putting enough noise into your life so that you don’t have to (or get to) really experience what you are doing in “the moment.”? I don’t have answers for this questions for sure – what I do know is that these Kanaka brothers do have the right idea about “happy hour”… I’ll leave you with this short commercial.


Real-Time View of Gemini north near the summit of Maunakea

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